Monday, January 31, 2011

View from Scituate - Day 318

This is another photo I took from Scituate yesterday. The storm clouds are heading in.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

4th Cliff, Scituate - Day 317

I went to Scituate today to say hello to Trish. We were at the same event yesterday but never got together. When I headed home the sun was starting to set.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drowned Hogs - Day 316

Nantasket Beach was a colorful spot at noon today for the annual drowned hogs plunge in the North Atlantic. The land temperature was 35 degrees with the water being 33 degrees. Everyone was having a great time. Then over to the Clarion Hotel for the Chowder Fest.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cleo's Check-Up - Day 315

Cleo had her annual check-up this morning. She was very good for the doctor only gained one pound since her last visit.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, Snow & More Snow - Day 313

I went to the Quincy Library this afternoon. People can still get around, but the driving isn't the best.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gray Day in Boston - Day 312

It couldn't be any grayer driving through Boston this morning. Where did yesterday's sunshine go?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Prowse Farm- Blue Hills - Day 311

The Prowse Farm is a place you can drive to every season of the year. During the Autumn I think they do demonstrations on how to make maple syrup.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tea Anyone - Day 310

Attended a workshop on being creative with photography this afternoon. This is one of the photos I took.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Granite Links - Day 309

I took a ride over to Granite Links this afternoon. No one is playing golf. Ha!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank You Mr. Churchill - Day 308

Want a good neighbor.....Dick Churchill is there.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Motion Blur Filter - Day 307

I tried for the first time the motion blur filter in photoshop for a project at camera club today. I like the look.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rainy Day - Day 306

When I take photos out of the house I remember a book I once saw of 365 days of photographs from an apartment looking over Central Park. Central park is a lot more interesting but this is my view out my door on a hasty day. This twisted bush branch was holding many rain droplets today.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cardinal Came Today - Day 305

A cardinal came by for a visit today. With it snowing today, I didn't know if I would get to see any birds.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Bird Feeder - Day 304

I bought a new bird feeder to try and catch photos of some pretty birds this winter. A beautiful cardinal came early this morning. By the time I got my camera ready he was gone. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blacks Creek, Quincy - Day 303

The snow is starting to melt today, so I took a drive to my favorite spots in Quincy before it disappeared. One spot is Blacks Creek , with its beauty every season of the year.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Outer Brewster Islands - Day 302

Spent a cold winter afternoon in Boston Harbor today. The light was wonderful with bright blue skies. Besides seeing lighthouses and the inner harbor we sailed through the Brewster Islands. Seals were basking in the sun. Fun day.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Double Blossom Cactus - Day 301

Last week paperwhites this week cactus. It is so nice that some plants blossom during the winter.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Evergreen - Day 300

It was cold enough today for yesterday's snow to stay on the branches of evergreen trees.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out the Window - Day 299

Still snowing. This photo is looking out the screen room window.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boston Food Bank - Day 298

The new Boston Food Bank building is very strange. It may be the new modern architecture to cover the basic box building to save money. It is so sad that this could be the look of future buildings. I changed it to a black and white photo to see if it helped.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Zakim Bridge, Boston - Day 297

Traveling on the Zakim Bridge today I took this picture through the sunroof.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Caddy Park Marsh - Day 296

The marsh area at Caddy Park is something to see at every season of the year. The snow is especially lovely.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

South Shore Science Center - Day 295

My friend Lynne S. Ford and her friend Elizabeth Ryan had an opening reception this afternoon showing their photography at the Science Center. Their exhibit is fabulous. A very classy presentation. Many people were there admiring their photographs.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Paper whites - Day 294

My paper whites are in full bloom in the bay window today.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gun Rock -Day 292

Had a meeting in Hull today and drove over to Gun Rock Beach on the way home. Where did the beach go.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boston Fire Hydrant-Day 291

Had a doctors appointment in Boston today. George didn't seem as if he felt like looking for a photo for today, so at a stop sign I saw the hydrant.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Remembering the Beach - Day 290

It just 5 months we can be back on the beach enjoying warm weather. I hope the months pass fast.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Caddy Park - 289

I think the bridge at Caddy Park with the snow on it looks as if it belongs in New Hampshire. The best part about it is that it's right here in Quincy.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Plymouth Marsh - Day 288

I headed out with camera club on this beautiful day and chickened out getting to where the seals were. The path from the street was all ice and snow and I was afraid I would fall (should have worn boots). I am sure I missed out of some great photos. These geese were taken from the parking lot.


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